Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A letter from the chairman

A letter from the chairman: 

Winter Fun Walks 

The chill of the winter months are upon us, but the Friends of the National Zoo still endeavour to create a fun and warm atmosphere at every Fun Walk, held every third Saturday of a month. 

June, July and August are our coldest months of the year and therefore we have decided to start the Fun Walks a little later, 06:30 for 7:00. 

We have also made it easier for you to buy entrance tickets and pay for food, by introducing a new electronic payment method. Discounts are given to groups of people of 15 or more entering the Fun Walk, kindly let us know in advance to qualify for this discount by contacting us via email: info@fotz.co.za. This allows the queues to flow faster and for you to get started on the race quicker, filling on delicious food after the race in one easy electronic payment method. 

Becoming a member:
There are numerous benefits in becoming a member of the Friends of the National Zoo, for example by becoming a member of the Friends of the National Zoo you only pay R40 per adult, whilst none members pay R50. Children only pay R30 for entrance (children up until the age of 18 years). Babies up until the age of two years are free (R30 if you would like a medal as souvenir for your child). To sign up as a member of the Friends of the National Zoo is extremely easy – there is a membership table at the finish line, where you are able to sign up as a member - or visit our website and become a member www.fotz.co.za. Registration is only R100 for a single person and R200 for a family (two adults and three children up until the age of 18 years), upon a successful registration you will receive a membership card and these stunning benefits:

  1. Two FREE visits to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, including the Aquarium and Reptile Park.
  2. Participation in all our projects at the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa.
  3. Your membership also entitles you to a reduced price for the monthly Fun Walk.
  4. Help with the planning and execution of functions and projects.
  5. Go on tour with the Friends of the National Zoo at discount prices. 

At every Fun Walk, we have a delicious menu of foods available to suit every pocket. From pancakes to soup and other hot foods and drinks, specially catered for the cold winter months.

For the month of June and December, you are able to Pick-n-Choose a medal of your choice (medals range from previous fun walks – all sorts of different animals). To see the medals for the rest of the year, please visit our website for more information: www.fotz.co.za.

Volunteers are needed for our current project at the Farm Yard. Volunteers are needed for painting, restoration and other works – please contact Lettie at the Friends of the National Zoo office for more information on how you can become involved in this uplifting project on 012 323 0294 from 09:00 to 14:00, Tuesdays to Thursdays. Everyone is welcome.

The chimpanzee’s at the Zoo urgently need a second-hand washing machine. The washing machine is used to wash their blankets. Any donations are welcome.

If you have any unwanted towels, blankets or even lavender plants you are welcome to bring these on a Fun Walk to our office or hand it to one of our committee members. (The lavender plants are used for the penguins, they love to use the lavender cuttings in their nests.) Donations on paint are also welcome for the Farm Yard project. 

The Friends of the National Zoo, are more than just friends, we are the heart of the community of the Zoo and pride ourselves in the support, love and care we provide to the animals, to the public and to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa. All income on Fun Walks are used to improve the living conditions of the animals, to make the visits for the public memorable and fun. We love meeting new people and we would love you to become a member and support our Fun Walks.  The Friends of the National Zoo is a non-profitable organisation. Please support us, to make our endeavours count.

Warm winter greetings. 

Dirk Bester