Monday, 29 February 2016

Completed items on the Farm Yard list

The following items on the project list was completed:

• Gravity feeder paint - completed

• Fix benches in farmyard replace with Eco wood - completed

• Jungle gym revamp urgent - completed

• Individual buildings - Paint colours supplied by Craig Allenby - received

• Cattle enclosure - Paint railings - 50% complete

• Windmill - Paint and fix - 50% complete

• Tree house - Refurbish and paint - 30% complete

• Equipment to be bought for Farm yard team - 1 hosepipe - completed,  other equipment most of it bought. We request a meeting at the farmyard on the 19th of March with the fun walk at 9 o clock to hand over the equipment bought to the farmyard team.

• Building used for night walks - Paint inside with light colour, Ulrich  to supply with paint colour - Please supply the colour as it is next on our list after finishing the Cattle enclosure railings.

• Garden - plant herbs - the garden was measured and we are ready to start with this area - Tracy to supply a list of herbs to be supplied by the friends. We will also go through the layout with Tracy at the meeting of the 19th of March 2016

• We also request approval to plant a prickly pear in the herb garden at the back against the wall of the Buffalo enclosure as this plant is always present in a farmyard.

Henning Smit